By; Francis Lubega

29th October 2019


Uganda Women Parliamentary Association has advised women parliamentarians from South Sudan and DR Congo to lobby men MPs in their respective parliament to support their cause if the affirmative action of increasing the number of women is to succeed in their countries.

Women MPs from S. Sudan and DR Congo are in Uganda to enable them build their capacities of implementing the affirmative action and other women related issues under the sponsorship of  women’s international peace centre which aims at helping building women’s capacities in leadership at national level in the post conflict process.

Veronica Bitekyero the Kaberamaido County MP, who chaired the session at parliament, advised her counterparts to always involve and lobby to convince the male MPs to support women causes.

She added that during the constitutional review they are going to ensure that the number of women in parliament increases.

She also urged her female colleagues to desist from bad cultural practices like FGM especially those from South Sudan.

The board chairperson of women’s international peace centre Elizabeth Lwanga said that affirmative action fails in most of the countries because men feel threatened by the women to take over the positions.


Wednesday 30th October 2019 04:01:17 AM