By; Francis Lubega

29th October 2019

President Museveni has issued a special directive for all security organs stationed at Makerere University since the strike last week to leave the place immediately.

According to what has been leaked from the ongoing NRM caucus at the president’s office in Kampala, it’s said that Museveni has directed UPDF, Military and Police to withdraw from Makerere.


He has also further directed the university management to dialogue with the student’s leadership on the 15% tuition increment policy.


The strike at Makerere started last week and up-to now nothing conclusive has been reached rather night raids on student’s halls by security has become rampant with the recent being last night were students’ property was destroyed when a team of security operatives raided the students for the second time.


However the president’s directive has come shortly after the minister of Education who is also the first lady Jennet Museveni had associated the Makerere University strike to the opposition who finance students to become errant with the aim of tarnish the government this is through her

Tweeter handle.


This comes as the University Council is in a meeting that started at around 11am to resolve the standoff that has paralysed the university activities for the last week.

Wednesday 30th October 2019 04:06:51 AM