By Charles Katabalwa

8th Feb 2024

Traders under their umbrella body Kampala city traders association (KACITA) have threatened to lay down their tools over an unfavorable working environment.

In their meeting held at KACITA headquarters in Kampala on Thursday which was intended to lay down strategies to improve their work, the angry traders noted that the foreigners specifically Chinese have greatly dominated businesses in disguise of calling themselves investors yet they are getting involved in petty jobs that are supposed to be done by the local traders.

The Acting Chairperson of KACITA Thaddeus Musoke Naggenda says Chinese should remain in factories rather than renting shops and vending their products.

Musoke says they have contacted several people regarding this issue but have not been helped, noting that its time they met President Museveni to solve this matter.


Thursday 8th February 2024 07:29:15 PM