By Charles Katabalwa

8th Feb 2024


National Unity Platform (NUP) says all Members of parliament and some people who were captured donned in the UPDF uniform should be arrested with immediate effect.

The Leader of Opposition Joel Ssenyonyi told the journalists during the press conference at party headquarters in Makerere Kavule that Lilian Aber, the Kitgum Woman MP, Peter Ogwang MP for Usuk County and many others were captured wearing UPDF uniform but security has not arrested them yet many of NUP supporters are behind the bars for wearing NUP Red berets.

Ssenyonyi says selective application of laws is not good and can easily cause problems to the country.

He has asked UPDF to come out and explain to the public and NUP the reasons for their supporters still being in jail yet they never owned any security uniform.



Thursday 8th February 2024 07:32:04 PM