By; Jjunju Francis

20th May 2020


Pope Francis through the Dicastery of Integral Human Development has organized a week of reflection on LAUDATO SI, on the occasion of its 5th anniversary 24th May 2020, to remind the world of the urgent need to protect the planet Earth.

The Pope wants to foster the integral human development which is possible only if the resources of this planet, a home to all creation, are preserved and justly shared among all the members of the human family.

He says, There is need to act responsibly to prevent the destruction of the planet by exploiting all the resources to the end adding that the Covid-19 Pandemic has shown how difficult it is for the human race to survive on the Earth, which is becoming smaller and smaller and incapable to renew its resources and energies fast enough to sustain its inhabitants, hence the need for concerted efforts to protect the Earth.

The Pope has also produced a special prayer that is going to be launched on 24th May at exactly (12.00 noon ) East African Standard Time, requiring all people to pray for the Earth  and for a global concern for the environment and humanity.

24th May this Sunday will also be the 54th World Communications day focusing on storytelling, truth and who we are in God’s eyes. He looks to the Bible as “the great love story between God and humanity” with Jesus at its centre.

Wednesday 20th May 2020 04:31:50 PM