By; Francis Lubega

01st Feb. 2019

The Parliamentary Commission is seeking UGX150 billion for MPs emoluments and recruitment of Parliament Staff.

According to the report of the budget committee on the national budget framework paper for financial year 2019/2020 presented by the committee chairperson Amos Lugolobi, the Ntenjeru North MP, parliament is currently experiencing shortfalls in the emoluments of current MPs at a tune of UGX101 billion.

Lugolobi says that there are also shortfalls in emoluments of 8 billion shillings and salaries of UGX 5 billion for expected new staff and MPs and 0.4bn for gratuity of expected new MPs, and pension contribution for both MPs and staff.

Lugolobi also says that the commission also needs UGX 18 billion to enhance the capacity of departments of Parliament for MPsĀ  to undertake studies to enable them takeĀ  informed decisions and benchmark to obtain best practices. These departments have a funding gap of UGX 27 bn.

According to Lugolobi, more UGX 20 billion is also needed for the Parliamentary committees to undertake oversight activities and another UGX 20 billion to host the Common Wealth Parliamentary Association conference in Uganda.

There are currently 459 Members of Parliament, but the number is expected to increase with the commencement of some new districts and municipalities in July which were approved in 2015.

Saturday 2nd February 2019 05:23:25 AM