By; Jjunju Francis

1st Feb. 2019

Pope Francis has reminded Christians to live a life of prayer that follows Christ on the Cross from where he saved humanity.

Pope Francis says everyone should pray the Stations of the Cross, as he always does because he has with him a pocket-size book of “Via Crucis” meditations to pray with when he has a spare moment.

He was addressing a special audience in Rome after the World Youth Day that has just ended in Panama Jan. 23-28 that attracted close to a million youth from world over.

He said that another aspect of the week which left an impression on him were the many parents he saw proudly lifting their babies and small children up toward him, as if to say: “Behold my pride, here is my future!”

“In Panama,” he said, “young people carried, with Jesus and Mary, the burden of the condition of so many suffering brothers and sisters in Central America and in the whole world no food, shelter, hope and dignity. “

Pope Francis Emphasized to the adults, to ensure that the new generations do not lack education, work, community and family, and the young people to live the Gospel today, because they are not “‘tomorrow,’

Friday 1st February 2019 12:49:23 PM