By Charles Katabalwa


24th March 2020


President Yoweri Museveni on Tuesday said he would cancel licences of traders who are taking advantage of the coronavirus pandemic, to hike food prices and other essential goods.


Describing such traders as crooks, Museveni said he would deploy his intelligence teams to trace merchants who have hiked commodity prices.


“I hear there are crooks hiking the prices of food, I will send my spies to the market and if I find anybody hiking the prices, I will cancel their licences,” he said.


Museveni said nothing has changed for you to overcharge. We produce food here. If you hike the prices of food, I may have to mobilise NRM cadres to go to villages and bring food here; and they leave these crooks of Kampala, he said.


He was making his third briefing to the nation about the Covid-19 pandemic, at State House Nakasero.


He also warned traders taking advantage of the pandemic, to hike prices for hand sanitizers, saying members of the public should abandon the overpriced and overrated hand sanitizers and use ordinary soap and water since it works better than the so called sanitizers and it kills the virus.


He has also promised through cabinet to discuss with the National Water and Sewerage Cooperation Limited to consider revising the charges for water


Wednesday 25th March 2020 07:21:04 AM