By Francis Lubega

24th March 2020


Workers Member of Parliament Margret Rwabushaija has urged employers not to be tempted to lay off workers during this period when government is combating the corona virus pandemic.


Rwabushaija says that it’s understandable during this period business will be slow but says that employers should be able to explain to their employees and provide them with the necessities to control the spread of the virus than threatening to lay them off work because it’s these same workers that they will need when situation normalizes.


She also wants employees to be allowed to have access to part of their salary even before the month ends to enable them buy some of the commodities they need to fight corona virus pandemic.


Rwabushaija in the same way has encouraged government to ensure it provides protective wear for all medical workers in all health facilities to ensure that they cannot transmit the virus from hospitals to their relatives.


Wednesday 25th March 2020 07:11:33 AM