By Olivia Nabaggala

23rd Jan 2023


Over 1000 mental health cases have been registered at the Butabika National Referral Hospital in the past two years.


The Butabika National Referral Hospital Senior Consultant Psychiatrist Dr. Byamah Mutamba says that in their findings, the contributing factors to the problem in the last two years were among others covid-19 stress and the increase in population.


He explained that before the Covid-19 outbreak and the subsequent lockdown they used to register around 500 cases but after the pandemic mental health cases increased to now 1000 to 1050 cases every year.


Mutamba adds that mental related illnesses affect both children and adults and it’s high time people learned to live with people affected.


Mutamba expressed dissatisfaction about people who continue to abuse the rights of people with mental health; sexually, abandon them, beat and some are presumed to be useless and some are abused financially.


The Executive Director of Butabika National Referral Mental Hospital Dr. Juliet Nakku revealed that they are currently overwhelmed with the increasing number of patients against the 550 beds bed capacity for patients with mental illness.


Tuesday 24th January 2023 06:14:27 AM