By Francis Lubega

17th Nov 2023

Opposition in Parliament has vowed to employ another method in demanding a response from the government over the human rights violations, kidnaps and disappearance of 18 NUP supporters, illegal detaining of political prisoners among other issues.

The Leader of Opposition Mathias Mpuuga has told journalists at parliament that by next week if the government refuses to give a response to their demands, they will opt for another step in demanding for the rights of innocent Ugandans who are mistreated by the regime.

Mpuuga’s revelation comes after the speaker of parliament Anita Among yesterday informed the house that the government had postponed its meeting to next week on Tuesday to respond to the demands of opposition due the urgent security meetings taking place out of the country.

Mpuuga says they are not bothered by the delaying tactics by the government warning that a second option is being mooted starting next week until the government offers a convincing and accountable response to the concerns of opposition especially on Human Rights violations.

This Sunday marks the 30 days given by the government to respond to the opposition demands and four weeks since they boycotted plenary sittings.

Meanwhile Mpuuga says they are not shaken by Speaker Among’s statement in plenary this week on Tuesday of invoking rule 112(6) of the parliamentary Rules of procedure that can cause a Member of Parliament to lose his or her seat once 15 consecutive sittings else without the speaker’s notice or permission.


Saturday 18th November 2023 06:32:51 AM