By; Charles Katabalwa

08th November 2019

Uganda journalists Association (UJA) has given police one week to respond on their petition that was recently presented to their leaders.

UJA President Kazibwe Bashir Mbaziira during a press conference at Association ‘s headquarters in Kawempe Divison on behalf of the press fraternity said he was  disappointed for the time taken since the petition was handed to the police leadership over their brutality against journalists and nothing has been responded.

Kazibwe says police is given up to Thursday 14th/November/2019 to respond if not they are to announce the next cause of action but wants Editors to not to betray by giving the police platform.

On Monday November 4th 2019 Journalists presented 8 points police must address that include; arrest, Parading and prosecuting officers who abused the rights of journalists, constituting an audit committee to investigate all tortures against journalists, Compensate victims, issue directives to all police officers to stop confronting journalists while on their line of duties, educate police officers on the rights of press freedom and human rights among others.

Meanwhile journalists who were brutalized on Monday have told the media that since that day their heath conditions and families are not okay.

This came as The Muslim community of Nakasero led by Tabriq Sheikh Bashir Mbaziira joined the general public to condemn the police brutality against journalists saying police has diverted from its noble role of keeping law and order to torturing Ugandans which is uncalled for.

Saturday 9th November 2019 04:41:16 AM