By; Francis Lubega

08th November 2019

The Land Commission of Inquiry into land matters has formally concluded its inquiry into land matters in the country, nearly 30 months since it started work.

Lady Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the chairperson of the Land Commission of Inquiry said the Commission of inquiry investigated 7,767 cases saving government about One Trillion shillings which could have been lost in compensating claimants on government land.

She also said 160 titles in Nakivubo, Kinawataka, Namanve and Nambigirwa Wetlands and Namanve, Mugomba Central Forest Reserves and Gunda local Forest Reserve halting payment of 40 billion Shillings in compensation claims.

They saved the government from incurring significant financial loss include 100 million Shillings in Isimba Hydro Power Project in respect of claims for compensation for a rock” she stated, adding that another 132 billion Shillings not yet allocated was also halted and is pending court proceedings.

Addressing the Press at the end of the final public hearing this afternoon, Justice Bamugemereire said the land question in Uganda remains unanswered even after many months of work.

 “The Commission of Inquiry was able to complete tasks which the judicial system couldn’t ordinarily perform including getting the judge to investigate the case against itself,” she stated.

She said the Commission of Inquiry recommends the adoption of the traditional methods of dispute resolutions involving mediations.

On evictions, Bamugemereire said Court has adopted a new eviction and practice guideline issued by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

Saturday 9th November 2019 04:47:51 AM