By; Charles Katabalwa

Security has been beefed up in Sezzibwa region as the country goes to the polls, tomorrow, to elect their local council leaders.

Mapped black spots that include; Nakibizzi, Mbikko, and Nile in Njeru municipality, Natetta in Kayunga district, and Twojera landing site, Buwangwe, Noowa, Mayinja, Namijiri and Bulugulu, in Buvuma have in the past been areas of chaotic scenes and violence according to the police spokesperson of Ssezibwa Region Helen Butoto.

This follows Government revelation that a group of undisclosed people are planning to disrupt the LCI election exercise with stun warning to whoever might have such intentions never to provoke security.


This was disclosed by the minister for Kampala Betty Kamya in a press conference held at the Uganda media center Kampala.


Kamya called upon people to turn up in big numbers to embrace the excise.


Meanwhile the Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has demanded government to deploy 20 police constables per polling area to secure tomorrows LCI elections.


The party spokesman Ibrahim Semujju Nganda says confusion, hatred and fights cannot be avoided because already some candidates and those who won women councils have been attacked and killed in some parts of the country.


Nganda says the election is marred with bribery, intimidation and confusion, perpetrated by the ruling NRM, warning that if the NRM continues to force its leaders into power, they must be ready for a penalty at a time to come.


They however advised electorate to be calm and keep around their candidates to avoid cheaters.


Ssemujju further noted with dismay on the government stand over the new taxes expressing fears that livelihood is becoming harder with the price increases that are experienced on almost all commodities.

Monday 9th July 2018 06:44:09 PM