By Ben Musanje

7th June 2024

Government is still worried about the number of new infections of HIV among young people in the country.

According to the HIV data for the last five years, at least one out of 3 young people, accounting to 43 young people, get infected every day in Uganda.

Dr. Robert Mutumba, the Assistant Commissioner In charge of Aids Control Program in the Ministry of Health says that as they wait for the new report, they have discovered that most of the young people don’t consider HIV/AIDS as a big life threat.

He says that many young people currently don’t care and have a perception of committing to treatment once they get infected, which has contributed to the increasing number of HIV infections among that young age group.

Dr. Mutumba said this at the workshop where the government together with the Civil Society Organizations, Religious Leaders and the Media joined to foster inclusive Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) reporting on gender responsive budgeting.

Reverend Nathan Mugalu, the National Adolescent Health Expert noted that child pregnancy is still a change in the country to the extent that more than 1000 teenage pregnancies are still registered amidst the loud voices made by CSOs and the government.

This interactive session with the Community for Action Implementing members under the WE Lead project in Uganda was organized by SRHR Alliance and supported by the African Women’s Development and Communication Network (FEMNET).


Saturday 8th June 2024 05:04:03 AM