By Elizabeth Ankunda

6th June 2024


President Museveni has ordered public servants and political leaders to eliminate corruption before he turns ruthless against them.

He made the remarks while delivering the State of National Address at Kololo Ceremonial Grounds on Thursday afternoon.

This comes after concerns of several challenges facing the country including unprecedented levels of corruption, impunity, political intolerance, rising national debt, high crime rate and high cost of living among others.

The president revealed that he has been getting rumors about the corrupt public servants and political leaders but now he has the evidence about them hence declaring a war on them.

Museveni adds that he has also gathered enough evidence on some of the Finance officials starting from accountants who come to parliament and bribe parliamentarians.

He has also revealed that there are people taking bribes from those who want to see him and one of them was recently arrested for soliciting an undisclosed amount of money in bribe from an Indian investor.

He also warned other actors who get money from foreigners to stop it with immediate effect.


Friday 7th June 2024 07:00:07 AM