By Elizabeth Ankunda

31st March 2024

Uganda has heightened security to ensure public safety during the Easter holidays and cautioned the public about terror threats from Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) rebels, a military spokesperson said.

Maj. Charles Kabona, the First Infantry Division UPDF spokesperson based in Wakiso district explained that the UPDF and other security agencies have intensified patrols and deployed personnel to protect people travelling during holidays, ensure peace, safety and security.

Kobona noted that as we are entering this Easter festival from today up to Monday, there are some negative elements, people with criminal minds, especially ADF, who have penetrated and entered our country with the intention of attacking places of gathering and killing our Ugandans.

He cautioned Ugandans to be vigilant and security cautious. We are working around the clock to ensure we protect the lives of Ugandans and their property, as we have been doing before.

Uganda continues to face threats from the ADF, a rebel group based in the eastern DR Congo.

The ADF, also a branch of the Islamic State in Central Africa, has been blamed for causing havoc and mounting attacks in the North Kivu and Ituri provinces in eastern DRC.

Sunday 31st March 2024 06:40:44 PM