By Our Reporter

20th Sept 2022


Security authorities in the Albertine region are investigating circumstances under which six armed thugs raided Lake Albert and robbed a Ugandan fisherman of his boat engine and several fishing nets worth 12 million Shillings. 


The armed men reportedly struck at around 11 pm on Sunday night and placed Loyi Okwaimungu, 22, a fisherman from Kaiso landing site in Kabaale Sub County at gunpoint.


They reportedly ordered Okwaimungu, who was alone in his boat, to surrender the engine and set of fishing nets.

According to Okwaimungu, the thugs who were armed with three guns and dressed in Congolese military camouflage threatened to end his life should he make an alarm.


He explains after executing their mission, the assailants crossed back to the DR Congo side. He filed a complaint at the Kaiso police post.

Julius Hakiza, the Albertine region police spokesperson, says that investigations into the matter have commenced.

Attacks by suspected armed Congolese have been rampant on Lake Albert waters.


In May 2021, six armed Congolese militiamen raided Lake Albert and robbed 15 boat engines from Ugandan fishermen near Kaiso landing site in Mbegu parish Kabaale sub-county in Hoima district.


Dressed in Congolese military uniforms, the suspects raided the lake and placed several fishermen at gunpoint, and ordered them to surrender their boat engines.


The gunmen also robbed two fishing boats, 10 sets of fishing nets, and 10 mobile phones belonging to the fishermen.


Tuesday 20th September 2022 07:30:16 PM