By; Ben Musanje

19th May 2020

The rate at which Ugandan’s case numbers of Coronavirus continue to rise, is causing worry with health officials saying stringent measures must be taken to control the situation.

This comes as the country’s COVID-19 cases stand at 260 after 12 new cases, all from Ugandans were registered yesterday from a total of 1,743 samples taken from truck drivers and yet 32 foreign truck drivers who also tested positive were turned back to their respective countries, according to the ministry of health official statement.

In his 14th national address to control the spread of COVID-19 pandemic last evening from the state house Nakasero President Museveni in a tactful move extended the lockdown for 14 more days until June 2, 2020 when he expects government to have finalized the procurement of masks that will be given out for free to every Ugandan since its mandatory to wear a mask while in public from as young as 7 years and above.

He said public transport will resume with buses and taxis carrying half of the passengers from the previous numbers designed to be transported, private cars to carry not more than three persons including the driver and no transportation of passengers by boda bodies and take turkeys.

Schools and tertiary institutions will resume after two weeks for only candidates and finalists on the assumption that the ministry of education works out a streamlined procedure, but curfew that starts at 7pm at 6.30am every day was extended until June 9th 2020.

Within the East African Region Uganda has not had any deaths and has 63 recoveries, Kenya has 912 cases, 336 recoveries and 50 deaths, Tanzania has 509 cases, 183 recoveries and 21 deaths, Rwanda has 297 cases and 203 recoveries with no death while South Sudan has 290 cases, 4 recoveries and 4 deaths.

However the South Sudan Vice president, the former rebel leader Dr.  Riek Machar, tested positive for the novel coronavirus, in a report released by his office yesterday as well as his wife, Defence Minister Angelina Teny, and “a number of his office staff and bodyguards and they all self-quarantine themselves for 14 days.

Tuesday 19th May 2020 03:54:29 PM