By; Jjunju Francis

19th May 2020

The Family and Marriage Apostolate of Kampala Archdiocese has rallied families and couples to live with restraint and respect for one another at this time of COVID-19.

In the message by¬† Mrs Dorothy Kasoma the head of married women in the archdiocese says it’s shameful to see violent acts in families to the extent of killing men, women and children in the family¬† due to stress and anger during the lockdown announced by the government to control the spread of Coronavirus.

This comes as police reports indicate increased cases of domestic violence, at least 328 cases of domestic violence during the last 14 days of the national COVID-19 lockdown and 102 other cases of child neglect, abuse or abandonment across the country according to the Police Deputy Spokesperson Polly Namaye.

Mrs. Kasoma says one of the contributing factors to family brutality and fights is due to lack of prayer at home, too much demands not only for physiological needs but also due to lack of respect for one another.

She insists that as the Marriage and family Apostolate, they emphasize team work in the family that brings bonding and understanding of one another, diversification in terms of what a husband or wife does to ensure that families get have alternative income for self surstainance.

Tuesday 19th May 2020 03:45:33 PM by Jjunju Francis