By Our Reporter

24th Nov 2022


Police officers have been advised to borrow for self development rather than self gratification.

The advice has been made by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Major General Geoffrey Katsigazi during a special general meeting of the police’s Exodus Sacco held at the police headquarters, Nagulu saying if police officers acquired loans from the force’s Exodus sacco without proper planning, their money will go to waste.

He explained that the main objective of forming the sacco was to ensure it augments management’s efforts to improve officers’ welfare through saving and borrowing by members but not to borrow to marry many women or buy fancy items that are not a necessity.

Maj Gen Katsigazi implored officers to plan before acquiring loans from the sacco but also use the money borrowed well, or else the aim of creating the sacco won’t be achieved.

The deputy police chief applauded the management of the sacco for steering it away from the problems it had in the past to success that had made it a laughing stock but it now prides in a network of shs50 billion including saves and total assets.

The SACCO was Started in 2007, the police Exodus Sacco was a beehive of scandals and a mess with majority of the officers who save money with it complaining over mismanagement until it took the initiative of the then deputy IGP,Maj Gen Muzeeyi Sabiiti in 2019 to make recommendations that would see the revival of the sacco and a new management team headed by Senior Commissioner of Police Dr. Wilson Omoding Otuna was elected who has save it.

Friday 25th November 2022 06:40:11 AM