By Our reporter

16th Nov 2023


Masaka City Council has considered a registration exercise for all boba boda cyclists and stages, for better organization and regulation of the industry.


Florence Namayanja, the Masaka City Mayor says that they are working out guidelines that will help in aligning the boda boda industry as one of the approaches towards maintaining the general order.

While addressing the leaders of the different boda boda riders associations, Namayanja noted that they intend to generate a register of all riders operating in the area and guide the city’s planning processes.

Besides obtaining person identification details, she says, the City council is also looking forward to generating a list of all boda boda stages and their respective locations to ensure that they are appropriately regulated.

She is optimistic that the exercise will help them contain the several irregular boda boda stages that are inappropriately placed in different locations, including sensitive places such as offices, entrances of health facilities, security installations, and private homes among others.


Abdullah Ssenabulya, the Chairperson of Masaka Boda Boda Riders’ Association welcomes the registration exercise, saying it is going to help them eliminate errant elements that cast their work in public disrepute.


Thursday 16th November 2023 06:17:42 PM