By Gideon Peter Ssebulime

16th Nov 2023

A number of people in African countries believing in democracy say that democracy has declined according to the latest report released by the Afro-Barometer.

The Ninth survey findings conducted in 37 African countries including Uganda in 2022, shows that people support democratic norms particularly elections, multiparty competition and term limits on the executive, but they are not satisfied on how these norms work in their countries.

The report indicates that Ghana is leading with 78 percent demand for accountable governance, followed by Zambia with 76 percent, Kenya with 76 percent, Mauritius with 72 percent, Sierra Leone with 71 percent, Seychelles with 70 percent and Uganda with 70 percent among others.

In the same report Gabon has been mentioned as the leading country with the presidents who ignores court processes and the law ranking 66 percent, followed by Lesotho with 59 percent, Senegal and Eswatini in the third position with 57 percent, South Africa in the forth position with 54 percent, Mauritania with 49 percent among others while Uganda was mentioned as the country with the president who respects court and the law with 42 percent.

While releasing the report at Hotel African in Kampala, the National Investigator Francis Kibirige noted that their findings show that majority of Ugandans support elections and multiparty but are concerned about the way its handled which might lead them to change their mind.

He adds that survey also indicates that sixty percent in ten countries support democratic norms such as accountable government, a president who listens to the parliament and obeys laws and courts of law, plus media that operates without government control.

The event was attended by different political actors, the former leader of opposition also woman Member of Parliament for Kasese district Winnie Kiiza who said democracy is not about having elections on a regular basis but the way it is conducted matters.

The analysis focused on Africa especially in Uganda’s status of government.


Thursday 16th November 2023 06:25:50 PM