By; Rachel Najjuma

30th October 2019

Kisekka market vendors under their body “New Nakivumbi Old Kampala Kisekka Vendors market” have stormed high court twed tours in quest for justice Lydia Mugambe.

The traders led by their chairman Kasoro Robert had wanted to get a resolution regarding the ownership of the land since there are two parties that claim ownership of the said land yet it belongs to them.

They claim that Justice Mugambe had told them to appear today but instead she decided to lock herself in the office and told police to inform the annoyed traders that she wasn’t in office.

According to the group each member in the group paid a membership fee of 50,000/= and 100,0000/= for the purchase of the and have documentation from certified authorities showing that they are the rightful owners of the land.

However another group said to be led by Kayita Godfrey also claims for the same land alleging that it was given to them by president Museveni so there was no need to pay for membership or money to purchase the land.

The group led by Kasoro had come to court to express their disappointment claiming that Justice Mugambe in her ruling ordered that the land belonged to the second group led by Kayita and further that on her ruling she didn’t bother to write directing that if the first party isn’t contented with the ruling could appeal against the judgment.

Wednesday 30th October 2019 03:27:03 PM