By Olivia Nabaggala

10th June 2024


The opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) has phased out the paper membership registration and introduced automated digital registration.


This is in the party’s effort to streamline and modernize its membership process, easier tracking and management of membership statuses.

According to the FDC, the acquisition of a new automated digitalized membership card is mandatory for renewal and continued recognition within the party.

The costs of these cards range according to their categories for example; Ordinary is at Sh5000, Corporate costs Sh500,000 from the initial Sh50,000 while Bronze cards is at Sh1 Million, Silver at Sh2m, Gold at Sh3m, Platinum Sh5m and Life membership cards will cost Shs10m.

The Life Membership Card holds a number of conditions including; exceptional services a person has offered to the party, a member must be 50 years of age, must have been in FDC for 10 years consecutively, must have outstanding quality to the society and must have demonstrated good leadership capacity in the party among others.

Patrick Oboi Amuriat, the party President while launching these cards at the FDC headquarters Najjanankumbi, described this forthcoming exercise as one of the ways to raise money for the smooth running of the party operations.

Amuriat has called upon all FDC members to return to the party since this is going to be fresh registration and no registration will be carried out elsewhere at the moment.

The membership renewal campaign comes at a time when the FDC is experiencing internal divisions, split into two main factions: the Najjanankumbi faction and the Katonga faction.

Meanwhile, FDC Najjanankumbi is also soon  embarking on mobilization campaign across the country starting with Teso region from 12-22 June, Bugisu from 24-29 June, Acholi 1-6th July, West Nile 8th-13th July and Ruwenzori from 15th-20 July aimed at restoring hope among the party members.


Tuesday 11th June 2024 06:05:13 AM