By; Charles Katabalwa

12th Oct. 2021

The Opposition Democratic Party (DP) has welcomed the People’s Front for Transition PFT initiative intended to conglomerate energies towards regime change although they are still reluctant to join the pressure group.


11 Opposition parties formed a new political pressure front, ‘The People’s Front for Transition’ where former Forum for Democratic Change President Dr .Kiiza Besigye was named its chairperson.


Okoler Opio the Party Spokesperson’s told the media today during press conference at city house Kampala that DP believes that meaningful coalitions must not be built on flimsy grounds and there needed to be exclusive consultations on how they can work together as change seekers, for this country.


Opio adds there was no need to rush, but rather think of talking before merging efforts to build meaningful coalitions.


Wednesday 13th October 2021 06:32:12 AM