By; Rachael Najjuma

24th Aug 2020


The court of appeal has upheld the 20 year jail sentence that was awarded to a businesswoman Jacqueline Uwera Nsenga for murdering her husband Juvenal Nsenga.  


The judgment has been delivered by three courts of appeal judges who include the newly appointed chief justice Alphonse Owiny Dollo, justice Elizabeth Musoke and Justice Chebrion Bonny Barishaki who have concurred with the high court judge that indeed the convict was rightfully awarded the right sentence for she had intentionally committed the offence.


Uwera was in 2014 found guilty by the high court trial judge Duncan Gaswagga of killing her husband Juvenal Nsenga by running over him with a car at their family home in Bugolobi, a Kampala suburb and ruled based on the evidence presented to court by prosecution which proved beyond reasonable doubt that Nsenga could not have knocked her husband accidentally thus the accident was aforethought..


Nsenga through her lawyer David Mpanga filed an appeal on  a number of grounds with the main being that the lower court errored by relying on statements made by the deceased outside court who reported by quote that “My Wife has killed me” to prove that there was intent of murder.


However in their ruling the judges have revealed that the offences were proved by high court beyond reasonable doubt so the sentence was appropriate.


Tuesday 25th August 2020 06:33:08 AM