By Ben Musanje

28th March 2024

The Archbishop of the Church of Uganda, Dr. Stephen KaziimbaMugalu has expressed his concern over the failure by the Big International media to publish the continued conflicts and wars within the borders of African countries.

The Archbishop made the call in his Easter message delivered at the Church of Uganda Provincial Residence at Namirembe today.

He cited the constant threat of terrorist attacks from some of the same groups in the DRC that are systematically killing people for ethnic and religious reasons leaving a number of people displaced and becoming refugees in countries like Uganda.

DrKaziimba says that though international media like CNN and BBC don’t feature 24-hour coverage of this crisis on borders of Africa, the attacks by terrorists are serious.

Last week, the Uganda People’s Defense Forces said a group of Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militias had infiltrated the country with the intention of carrying out terror attacks under the leadership of Commander Ahmed Muhammod Hassan aka Abu Waqas, a Tanzanian born bomb expert.

Archbishop Kaziimba condemned the rampant corruption in the country which he says is destroying the country by hindering development and affecting service delivery.

He has further pledged on behalf of the Church of Uganda to offer necessary support to the five-year disaster risk management plan that was recently developed by the Office of the Prime Minister to conserve the environment.


This comes after the Office of the Prime Minister and Compassion International launched a 5-year collaborative plan to respond to and manage various disaster situations, considering the emerging challenges associated with climate change.


The plan will include preventing, responding to, and managing disasters common in Uganda, such as landslides, flooding, famine, and fires, among others.



Friday 29th March 2024 06:29:48 AM