By; Charles Katabalwa

08th December 2020


Centenary Bank has launched the Centvisa Pre-paid Card for safety and easy services amidst stopping spread of Covid-19 pandemic.


The cent visa pre-paid card works like a debt card but doesn’t require a customer to own /operate bank account with centenary Bank and it’s a Ugandan currency(ugx) denominated card that pre-funded and reloadable.


Fabian Kasi the Managing Director of Centenary Bank  while officiating at the launch at Mapeera House Kampala today said that there has been some complaints from customers over Financial fraud mostly to people who trade abroad, but this will not happen again due to introduction of Centvisa Pre-paid Card because it’s convenient and limit anybody to move with cash.


Kasi adds that theories have been said that money spreads Covid-19 so centevisa Pre-paid Card will solve it since one needs just to secure alternative form of payment.


He has disclosed that centevisa pre-paid card makes payments convenient, it’s easy to Load, one can access funds 24 hours, it limits over spending, transferable hence no need for centenary bank Account to use.


He calls upon centenary bank customers as well as general public to embrace it for both life and financial safety.


One together a centevisa pre-paid card require a Filled and signed centevisa pre-paid application form, A National ID or Driving permit or passport, A coloured passport photo and A minimum initial card loading amount of Shs.50,000.


Wednesday 9th December 2020 02:02:59 PM