By Francis Lubega

9th Jan 2019

The Parliamentary Committee on Commissions, Statutory Authority and State Enterprises (COSASE), has again grilled the former Bank of Uganda Executive Director in charge of Bank Supervision, Justine Bagyenda on the documents she sneaked out of the Central bank with the assistance of her aide and security officer.

Bagyenda lost words before the committee chaired by Abdu Katuntu but later asked for an opportunity to look at the CCTV footage before she could make any submission on the matter in presence of the Governor Bank of Uganda, Director Security and Administration.

The committee also questioned her as to why she sought to use external legal services that were paid over 700 million shillings to windup the closure of the 7 banks yet BOU has a legal department.

Other areas of investigations, involved the person who granted the two companies Kirklan and Seal to buy bank assets at a 97% discount on an accumulated asset value of over 400 billion shillings.

The investigations will continue tomorrow with the availing of Bagyenda the footage on how she collaborated with her staff to sneak out luggage of bank documents.

Thursday 10th January 2019 06:17:32 AM