By Ben Musanje

23rd Jan 2019

The Bishop of Masaka Diocese, Rt. Rev. John Baptist Kaggwa has called on government to enforce environmental laws in order to protect environment that is deteriorating.

His Lordship Kaggwa’s calls follows the Papal Encyclical on Environment protection that called for urgent action across the globe to stop climate change, proposing that caring for the environment be added to traditional Christian works of mercy such as feeding the hungry and visiting the sick.

Lisa Johnston | Bishop John Baptist Kaggwa, from the Diocese of Masaka, Uganda.

Bishop Kaggwa says that Ugandans need to be sensitized about preserving the environment so that they stop practicing acts of environmental destruction like burning charcoal and building in the wetlands among others.

He further warns that Uganda is likely to face a sever environmental disaster in the future due to uncontrolled sand and other mineral mining exercises that are taking places in different areas.

Saying all these, Bishop Kaggwa has been presiding over the Seminar for environment protection at the National Major Seminary in Ggaba that has been attended by the Pastoral Coordinators, Financial administrators, Justice and Peace Coordinators and representatives of the religious congregations from eight countries like Canada, DR. Congo, Uganda, Gabon, and Kenya among others.

Thursday 24th January 2019 06:50:20 AM