By; Jjunju Francis

Jan. 27, 2019

Christians are challenged over faith of pride that it is another form of witchcraft and self glorification.

Rev. Fr. Martine Ssemanda from Matale Parish in Masaka Diocese says many Christians are abusing catholic prayers and symbols and crucifixes, one wearing four rosaries, ever in night prayers and popular missions which do not help them.

Fr. Ssemanda says Christians must understand their catechism, the word or God, and sacraments that are the foundation of the Catholic Church.

He also urged the congregation to avoid any divergent line in life that is not accepted by God because it causes one, suffering, temptations and disease of soul and the body.

Fr. Ssemanda was leading the Holy Eucharistic celebration in commemoration of the day on which St. Yoana Maria Mzee the last among the 22 Uganda Martyrs to be killed, on January 27th 1887 at Mengo Kisenyi.

He advised those who have deserted the Catholic Church to know that they have an indelible mark from the sacraments they received and their crossover to other faiths is of no use but rather to make convents with Satan.

Sunday 27th January 2019 03:09:29 PM