By Ben Musanje

26th Sept 2022

More than 700 motor vehicles both government and private cars, were impounded in an operation against impunity on the roads conducted by the Traffic Police and the Military Police last week.


The ‘Towa Fujo Barabarani’ operation targeted reckless drivers; illegal use of sirens and flash lights on the road was conducted from 19th to 23rd of September 2022.


Faridah Nampiima, the Traffic Police Spokesperson says they were able to impound 700 private vehicles and 33 government cars within Kampala Metropolitan policing area only.


She says the report indicates that during the operations, at least 524 vehicles were found with illegal lights which were later removed while 209 vehicles were impounded for careless driving and driving on the wrong side of the roads.


Nampiima says at least 342 drivers were issued with Express Penalty Scheme -EPS tickets, 13 drivers were cautioned, 75 drivers had their vehicles deregistered while 511 vehicles that had illegal traffic lights were removed.


Nampiima has also revealed that they have extended this operation to Highways targeting buses, Lorries and funeral service vehicles which have illegal flash lights and sirens.


She has further cautioned VIPs with escorts and lead cars to allow Traffic Police Officers to do their work and also display number plates of their vehicles violating traffic laws.


Meanwhile, the Police Directorate of Traffic and Road Safety has highlighted that about 77 people died in 398 accidents that occurred last week while 309 victims sustained serious injuries, attributing this to reckless driving, over speeding and changing weather conditions.

Tuesday 27th September 2022 06:05:30 AM