The Archbishop of Kampala His Grace Paul Ssemogerere has implored Ugandans to adopt new principles of conduct that encourage one to resists evil.

New principles of conduct as called by the risen lord on the Easter day is a life free from greed, Corruption, selfishness, sexual immorality, lack of respect for the sanctity of life including kidnaps and murders.

During the Easter Mass at Lubaga Cathedral on Sunday morning, Archbishop Ssemogerere said the new principle is to “love our neighbor as we love our selves”. This is the brotherhood required for the country and the world to live peaceful.

He said Government institutions like the Judiciary have tried to administer justice by fighting for those who have been incarcerated beyond the recommended constitutional time. He called for those still held in prison without a justifiable reason to be set free.

He says this year’s lent season has exposed the rot amongst all people more especially the Catholics who have not refrained from taking other people’s things which is a shame.

He added that since this lent season has covered both Christians and Muslims, enabling the followers to get messages of courage, hope and love, such messages should carry meaning in people’s minds so that they get away from the bondage of sin which is killing society today.

The same Sunday today has been used to pray for the life of the Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II and His Grace Ssemogerere prayed to God to keep him healthy to serve the Kingdom and the country at large.

The mass has been attended by the State Minister for Higher Education John Chrysostom Muyingo on behalf of the Central Government and the Katikkiro of Buganda, Charles Peter Mayiga among other dignitaries.

Sunday 9th April 2023 11:58:13 AM