By Ben Musanje

18th Sept 2023


Police have confirmed the arrival of at least 13 Ugandans to Uganda from South Sudan where they had been detained on allegations that they encroached on their territories.

The thirteen were accused of carrying out illegal charcoal burning and farming activities in Bori Boma, Kajokeji county in South Sudan.

They were handed over to Uganda authorities by South Sudan authorities at Afogi border customs in Moyo district last week.

According to the Ugandan authorities, the 13 were picked from their homes and gardens over eight kilometers deep inside Uganda in retaliation to a South Sudan chief who was arrested by the Ugandan army on September 8, over allegations of inciting violence between the two countries and settling South Sudanese on Ugandan land.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson says that they made an exchange with the South Sudan Authorities where the Ugandan side handed over the South Sudan official and also received the 13 Ugandans.

He says that Uganda also handed over the South Sudan executive chief of Bori Boma in Kajokeji, Eresto Tumia who was arrested in Fitina Mbaya in Goboro parish, Kochi sub-county in Yumbe district and was detained at Yumbe Central Police Station.

The abductees were received by a Ugandan delegation led by Yumbe district chairperson Abdulmutalib Asiku accompanied by Yumbe district internal security officer Denis Anguzu, Mafu and the local leaders from Moyo district.



Tuesday 19th September 2023 06:47:07 AM