By; Rachel Najjuma

31st October 2019


The high court seating in Entebbe has sentenced Godfrey Wamala Troy who is accused of murdering a renowned artiste Moses Ssekibogo  a.k.a Mowzey Radio to 14 yrs in prison.

Wamala early this week was acquitted of murder and convicted of man slaughter of Mowzey Radio after lifting and throwing him down where he hit his head badly at a bar called De bar in Entebbe on January 22nd  2018 and later Mowzey died on February 1st 2018

While giving her sentence, the trial judge Jane Francis Abodo noted that the days the accused has spent on remand are considered and should be subtracted from the sentence leaving Troy with 12 years 3 months and 4days in Kigo prison.

She added that though no weapon was used during the incident, the degree of injuries were serious which led to loss of life but she has however allowed Troy to appeal on both the conviction and sentence if he is not satisfied.

Defence Lawyer Leonard Kasibante also argued that the convict was a first-time offender a ground enough for him to appeal against the sentence.

Musicians Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel and other musicians who were in court welcomed the sentence saying this will help several other people learn that it is not normal to fight within bars and kill other people.

Thursday 31st October 2019 01:05:05 PM