By Olivia Nabaggala

26th May 2023

The Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) has warned heads of government-aided schools not to register privately sponsored candidates as government-sponsored learners.

In a document released on Friday, the UNEB Executive Director Dan Odong said that if any head teacher of a government-aided school dares to do so, it will be a fraudulent practice which causes financial loss to the government.

He says that head teachers and head of examination centers of government-aided schools that will allow this to happen, will be penalized by paying twice the money lost by the government from a particular school.

As per the data from UNEB, the normal registration period ends on May 31 while the late registration which attracts a surcharge will take place during the month of June 2022.

According to UNEB normal registration fee for Primary Leaving Education (UPE) is Shs34,000 and late registration will cost Shs68,000.

For Uganda Certificate Education (UCE) it’s Shs 164,000 and late registration will be Shs246,000 while Shs186000 is the normal registration for Uganda Advanced Certificate Education (UACE) and late registration will as well cost Shs 279,000.

So far, a list of 93 per cent of the UPE candidates has been submitted to UNEB while 63 per cent for the UCE and 54 percent of UACE has also been sent to the board.

Statistically, UNEB has so far registered a total of 1,055,336 candidates at all levels.

The UNEB Spokesperson Jennifer Kalule called upon parents to check on various schools to ensure that their children are registered.

Friday 26th May 2023 08:34:07 PM