By Elizabeth Ankunda

23rd March 2023


President Yoweri Museveni has ordered the State House Anti-Corruption Unit to investigate cases of extortion and mismanagement of funds meant for Parish Development Model (PDM) in Acholi sub-region.


While addressing the gathering at Kaunda grounds in Gulu City as he concluded his Acholi sub region tour on investment and wealth creation last month, the President received shocking revelations and testimonies from the locals on how the wealth creation campaign has been mismanaged in its infant stages, expressing fear that its intended objectives might not be achieved and promised to follow up.


President today met a group of local leaders from Acholi led by the Gulu Resident City Commissioner (RCC) Jane Francis Amongin Okili to follow up on complaints made in February.


The leaders included local council chairpersons, councilors, women and youth leaders and elders. The State House Anti-Corruption Unit Head Brigadier General Henry Isoke also attended the meeting.


Adokorach Doreen, a farmer from Onyama sub county, Gulu district, told the President that the PDM is good but has been mismanaged. She said in her area, people were called to the sub county instead of the parish and Community Development Officers collected 10,000 Uganda shillings from the beneficiaries to get registered in the Savings and Credit Cooperative Organisation (SACCO) and get certificates.


Opio Ronald Zola from Awach Sub County in Gulu district said many of the SACCOs in Awach which registered their enterprises, up to now have not received the money, blaming the extension workers for delaying the process.


This prompted the President to order the State House Anti-Corruption Unit Head Brig. Isoke to follow up on the matters raised for appropriate action.




Thursday 23rd March 2023 07:05:49 PM