By; Charles Katabalwa

01st November 2019

The latest information from students at Makerere University indicates that their guild president Julius Katerega is safe.

There were romours that Katerega was kidnapped and could be not in save hands. Katerega was intercepted on Tuesday on his way to Makerere from Kamwokya on the 15% tuition increment at the university freedom square.

But he has tweeted in a brief message to his fellow students saying he is in safe hands but they will not bend to the resolutions of the university council against the rights of students.

It followed days of unrest at the university, where students are protesting against a cumulative increment of tuition and functional fees. The 15 per cent increment is being implemented as part of a policy, passed by the University Council in June 2018.

The week-long students protest against the fees hike saw dozens of student arrested by the military and police. Security officers broke into student rooms in halls of residences vandalized property and brutalized students many other students have since been suspended.

Students through the guild president Kateregga, tabled four demands that the students want the university administration to address, which include the immediate reinstatement of suspended students, revocation of the warning letters, suspension of the cumulative 15 per cent tuition and functional fees increment policy, the de-gazettement of the Students Guild Electoral Reforms/Regulations and the immediate improvement of sanitation facilities in the Halls of Residence.

Friday 1st November 2019 03:28:59 PM