By; Charles Katabalwa

04th November 2019

The Former Forum for Democratic Change leader Dr. Kizza Besigye has collided with the Police officers at Mandela National Stadium in Namboole where he had planned to address the media before the FDC party planned governance seminar leaving many of the party members arrested.

The place that was heavily deployed by both uniform and civilian police personnel confronted Dr. Besigye the moment he arrived in his Toyota Land Crusser UBA 695B pulled him out and driven off in a police vehicle to yet unknown destination.

It is said when police blocked him from accessing Namboole Besigye decided to drive to Najjanankumbi as a procession of supporters followed him which police never allowed.

The FDC spokesman, Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda, says the party had scheduled to hold a party conference at Namboole Stadium but Police under the commandant of Maj. Gen. Sabiiti Muzeyi the assistant inspector general of police dispersed them.

Unspecified number of Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party supporters are in police custody.

As the 2021 electoral year nears, opposition political parties and pressure groups are trying to lay strategies to confront Museveni using all avenues including party meetings, caravans and seminars which have failed to take place in most instances because of failure to comply with the Public Order Management Act.  Recently, Besigye and a number of his supporters launched a campaign dubbed ‘Tubalemese’, saying it will help the opposition to achieve their goals.

Monday 4th November 2019 07:22:41 PM