By; Francis Lubega

02nd December 2020

Civil society organisations want parliament to amend the leadership code act 2017.

The leadership code act 2017 limits the financial behaviour of public servants requiring leaders to declare their income, assets and liabilities and put in place enforcement mechanism and other matters excluding spouses and children.

The category of officers impacted on by the Act are; the president, cabinet ministers, civil servants and local council leaders.

Speaking to the press in Kampala the executive director of the Transparency International Uganda Peter Wandera noted that the amendment of  the leadership code Act that removed  spouses and children of  Public servants pauses a great danger to this country since many public servants embezzle funds and accumulate wealth in the names of their children and spouses.

He also noted that poor service delivery in this country is as a result of embezzlement of public funds thus calling for the inclusion of spouses and children within the act.

Thursday 3rd December 2020 06:16:38 AM