By Jjunju Francis

23rd July 2019

A Delegation of African youth have petitioned the SECAM 18TH Plenary assembly of African Bishops meeting in Kampala to open up more space for youth participation in the evangelization mission of Africa.

They told the assembly that the youth have been sidelined for far too long in the evangelization mission of the Church and the time is now to be given a befitting position and recognition.

They pleaded with the assembly that the roles of the youth in the Church should be honoured with a replica of the International Youth Day on the African continent, and the works of the youth never to remain at the Parish level but rather go up to the highest level in the Hierarchy of the Catholic Church because they make up the majority population of at least 60% on the African continent.

Archbishop Charles Gabriel Palmer-Buckle, the treasurer of SECAM who has been delegated to speak for the Assembly says the petition moved the assembly of the African Catholic Bishops to rethink the participation of the youth in evangelization over the next 50 years.

Archbishop Thomas Luke Msusa, the Archbishop of Blantyre in Malawi says its true youth should be left to participate today not tomorrow as its said adding that majority of youth participation in the Church are limited to activities in the choir which disenfranchises them.

The Youth also want a special Bishop to attend to the Youth issues in a special way.

Tuesday 23rd July 2019 09:24:03 PM