By Olivia Nabaggala

4th May 2021


The Minister for Defense and Veteran Affairs Adolf Mwesige has revealed that the army will continue to engage in policing to keep peace and stability in the country.


He revealed this at the Office of the Prime Minister as he was disclosing how they have fulfilled their commitments for the last five years noting that they have fulfilled 96% of their commitments from 2016 up to 2021.


He also noted that although Ugandans are complaining about UPDF engaging in police work, they can’t just sit back and see Ugandans being kidnapped and killed.


Among the mandates they have fulfilled includes; strengthening internal and external security, developing defence and security infrastructure, promoting production for wealth creation and self sustainability.


He also revealed that they are challenged with a limited budget that has hindered their full implementation of most of their commitments such as introducing the national service scheme, enhancing salaries of soldiers among others.


Other challenges they are facing he says include the ever changing technology and the Covid-19 pandemic.


Tuesday 4th May 2021 07:52:18 PM