By; Charles Katabalwa

20th Nov. 2020

Traders in Kampala are calling for an immediate end of demonstrations that have disrupted their businesses for three days now. 

They say that they have so far confirmed five of their colleagues dead, even when, they were not involved in the politically-motivated protests.

The call was made by the Kampala Arcaders Advocacy Forum, KAAFO, a platform for traders operating in the malls and arcades in the city, with a membership of 50,000 personnel in 783 arcades.

It comes after a series of protests that broke out on Wednesday in Kampala and several other towns across the country, paralyzing business activities. The situation was made worse when the security intervened to rein in on the violent protestors using teargas and live bullets.

Some traders who managed to reach town for work, could not open their businesses over the last two days, because the owners or managers of the buildings kept them locked up for security reasons.  They, however, say that even if they managed to re-open under the situation, they would hardly get any customers because as soon as they open, the running battles begin, and even would-be customers have to safely find their way out of the city according to Their Spokesman Muzamiru Kwebiha .

The traders say they petitioned the Speaker of Parliament to have protests controlled, especially those involving high profile politicians, but this has not been achieved.  He also dismissed reports that the traders also participate in the demonstrations.

Friday 20th November 2020 05:35:03 PM