By; Ben Musanje

13th January 2021

The Busiro East Constituency Member of Parliament Medard Lubega Sseggona has condemned the act of disconnecting internet in the most parts of the country especially in Kampala.


Most of the internet users have experienced a poor internet network system while others are no longer accessing it which people linked to the current political environment.


Addressing the journalists at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel in Kampala, Sseggona said that this action has paralyzed many businesses carried on internet affects people’s income that fall into that category.


His concern come at a time when President Museveni while making his final address on Tuesday evening to the country ahead of Thursdays elections said that Facebook has been blocked for pulling NRM messengers accounts.

Museveni said Uganda does not need lectures from anybody because there is “nothing we don’t know”. He says that Facebook decided to target NRM message senders by blocking them.

He questioned why anyone would do that and said he called on his team to warn Facebook that if it is going to operate in Uganda, it should be used equitably by everybody who wants to use it. He says if the group wants to take sides against the NRM, then they will not operate in Uganda.

Museveni says unfortunately Facebook did not respond to NRM’s request and he is sure that Government has closed social media adding that although its unfortunate but it is unavoidable.


Sseggona urged Ugandans never to be derailed by such actions but go in big numbers to vote but warned voters over the alleged plans by the government where the youths are mobilized to disorganize the voting exercise on Thursday in the areas of Kampala, Mukono, Wakiso and Masaka with the aim of causing havoc that would attract police to disperse the voters with teargas and later get space for ballot stuffing.


Wednesday 13th January 2021 09:59:46 AM