By; Jjunju Francis

02 May 2021

Kiyinda Mityana diocese has today ordained Seven priests and three deacons who missed their ordinations last year in 2020 due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Those ordained deacons include;

  1. Deacon Kakinda Bonny from Kakinda Parish
  2. Deacon Muyombya Vincent from Kakindu Parish
  3. Deacon Ssekayombya Francis from Bukalagi Parish

Those ordained Priests are now and posted;

  1. Rev. Fr. Batakanwa Joseph from Naluggi Parish and posted to Mubende parish
  2. Rev. Fr. Buyondo Aloysius from Kiganda Parish, posted to Madudu parish
  3. Rev. Fr. Kibikka Matia from Naluggi Parish a Capuchin missionary
  4. Rev. Fr. Francis Matovu from Mirembe Maria Parish will be going back to America to complete his licentiate in theology.
  5. Rev. Fr. Muwanga Robert from Buyambi Parish posted to Kiboga parish
  6. Rev. Fr. Ssewankambo Simeo from Kasambya Parish posted to Kyengeza parish
  7. Rev. Fr. Walusimbi Peter from Kiganda Parish will as be going back to America to complete his licentiate in theology.

The ceremonies have been conducted by the ordinary of Kiyinda Mityana Rt. Rev. Joseph Antony Zziwa who is also the Chairman Uganda Episcopal Conference at St. Noa Mawagali Cathedral Parish Mityana.

Bishop Zziwa said the ordinations have delayed but this should not let others loose heart, remain focused as seminarians and the newly ordained to come in God’s vineyard with zeal and courage ready to evangelise, work and consecrate the peoples.

The ordinations have come at the Celebration of the feast of St. Joseph the worker at the same time the international  labour day, that should give the newly ordained a mind of work rooted in God.

He said unlike in the past where people had negative attitude towards manual work that forced St. Benedict to introduce a mind of work called Ora et rabola, later the industrial revolution in the 19th century with its scholars who disguised as improvers of work said man and woman without God can make successes in work gazatting May 1st as workers day. However in1955, Pope Pius 12th developed a proper meaning of work rooted in Christ helping the world, Christians and all people to know that working is holy and must be jealously protected.  He improved May 1st as a labour day and the same time the feast of St. Joseph the worker.

Bishop Zziwa said although Unemployment is on rise but many find it hard to appreciate work, this calls for a mindset change towards work because it’s  good for Humanity. Never tire or retire since now that they are ordained, priesthood is all work throughout the life time of any priest, religious and Christians.

Sunday 2nd May 2021 03:19:16 PM