By; Charles Katabalwa

14th Sept. 2020


The ruling party National resistance Movement Electoral Commission (EC) has called off the ongoing primary elections for Ntungamo Municipality Division and City mayor elections due to electoral malpractice.


Dr. Tanga Odoi the party EC chairman has told the media today that the municipality had 3 contesting Mayors and 32 councilors, who had a lot of issues including candidates behaviours which promoted tribal sentiments that is why they have solved to call it off until a later date.


He has disclosed that the Commission has also suspended the results for Michael Katungi of Butembo constituency kyanwanzi district because there was tempering of results and the new winner will be announced after the Commission looking into results.


Meanwhile Tanga has re-affirmed that the commission will suspend any results if the winners are found involved in any violence or electoral malpractice.


Monday 14th September 2020 07:32:25 PM