By Charles Katabalwa

9th Sept 2021


As the country remains uncertain when government will clear the re-opening of schools, the Ministry of Education and Sports has revealed that it has allowed students who conceived during lockdown period to continue with their studies after delivering.


Denis Mujimba, the Ministry’s Spokesperson has confirmed to the media this Thursday at the Media Center that they are also concerned about the high numbers of teenage pregnancies caused during the lockdown which has been blamed on the idleness of children while at home.


Mujimba adds that these teenage pregnancies and early marriages expose the young girls to gynecological complications which put their lives at greater healthy risk so to avoid this, Government has decided to let them go back to school if the parents and students are willing to enable them finish their studies.


The findings of the survey released by the Twaweza in the presence of the Health Ministry officials recently indicate that eight out of ten citizens (79%) say teen pregnancy has become a bigger problem during the Coronavirus pandemic, and half say physical (51%), emotional (51%) and sexual (46%) violence has got worse.


The finding to the just concluded 11th International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Science (IAS 2021), indicate rape and sexual violence increased among women and girls in Uganda during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Meanwhile, Mujimba has disclosed that the curriculum at all levels will be changed for children to be taught only important matters to save wasted time once schools reopen.


Government is also planning to change the school calendar among others things to catch up with lost academic time.


Thursday 9th September 2021 08:43:58 PM