By; Lubega Francis

11th January 2021

President Museveni has received credentials from Six newly appointed envoys to Uganda and restated before them that Africa’s problem is not water or anything else but rather leadership.

While at State House Entebbe on Monday evening Museveni received credentials from the Netherlands, Egypt, the United States of America, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom noting that there is danger in primitive agriculture which can easily endanger water bodies, and such problems are not overcome because of leadership challenges.

He says having 70% of the people in agriculture is disastrous to the environment compared to the US where only 2% is in agriculture and whose returns even exceed what the population can have and a lot is exported to other countries to generate income.

The President urged the new Egyptian envoy to invite Egyptian investors in agriculture in the line of fruit processing, textile, electronics and machinery to invest in Uganda.

To the US Ambassador, Natalie E. Brown, Museveni assured her that African countries are looking for freedom, mutual interest and cooperation between countries, than having opportunistic relationships.

The new US Ambassador, Natalie Brown said her goal is to extend the already existing relations between Uganda and the US , before applauding Uganda for the role played in the stabilization of Somalia by contributing to AMISOM troops.

Tuesday 12th January 2021 01:31:38 PM