By; Jjunju Francis

29th July 2020

The Symposium of Episcopal Conferences of Africa and Madagascar, SECAM, is today marking her 51st anniversary since it was founded on 29th July 1969 here in Uganda during the visit of Saint Pope Paul VI who launched and blessed it on 31st July 1969 in Rubaga Cathedral, Kampala.

The day is set aside for all members of the Church-Family of God in Africa and the surrounding Islands to thank God for the gift of mother Africa, for the gift of one another and for the gift of the Christian faith.

It also provides an opportunity to pray for the well-being of SECAM, for the spirit of unity, communion and solidarity amongst the Bishops, the clergy, the religious and lay faithful.

In line with the decision taken at the Plenary Assembly of SECAM in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in July 2013, the Day is further an occasion to speak about its existence, work and mission, and invite them to identify with, and support SECAM activities in all aspects including financial that is why this Sunday August 2nd 2020 a special collection is called for towards their operations.

drawing from the words of theme of the Golden Jubilee “Church Family of God in Africa, Proclaim, Christ your Savior” President of SECAM Philippe Cardinal OUÉDRAOGO said Africa and Islands has remained the same, compounded by the Corona virus pandemic that has wreaked havoc, claiming lives of millions of people around the world among others the Clergy, religious and lay faithful.

Although Different measures have been adopted to contain the spread of the disease, a recent report from the Caritas International indicates that Africa is the worst affected of all continents in terms of Covid-19 effects with problems like food shortages, due to the lockdowns, loss of jobs and businesses.

The diversity of pre-existing disasters such as floods, drought, locust invasion, poor harvest are real and constitute a serious challenge”. Covid-19 has exposed how vulnerable Africa stands not forgetting violence and terrorism in some African Countries.

Amidst the current situation, Cardinal OUÉDRAOGO called for ‘courage’ among brothers and sisters; never to give in to despair; continue to pray and wait for God’s time.

Wednesday 29th July 2020 07:14:27 PM